“Your staging of 1533 18th Street meets and exceeds my highest expectations based on my experiences with almost all of your competition. Not only is the installation spectacular – the price, timing and level of professionalism raises the bar for your competition. Thanks for being extraordinary!”
–Anthony Hitt, Realtor

“Annie is the best!! She runs an excellent home staging company and the results she produces are fantastic. She is knowledgeable, responsible, creative and a pleasure to work with. All of the home sellers who have worked with her in staging and preparing their homes for sale have been extremely pleased. Her work has made a huge difference in the presentation of the homes and created successful and quicker sales. I highly recommend her!”
–Bob Waldron, Realtor

“Annie – Every homeowner/Realtor needs a magician like you. Thanks for being the best and bringing out the best in a home!!!”
–Grace Chow, Realtor

“I believe the most truthful thing I can say about Annie and her work is that she’s so good, buyers aren’t really sure whether or not your listing has been staged. She can work from a blank canvas, or take whatever pieces a seller has in his home and work them into what becomes a showcase. Today, everyone is looking for high quality performance at a reasonable price. With Stage to Sell, you get both. Consistently. Without hesitation, I would recommend Annie Pinsker-Brown as a professional stager… In a business where most of us are always working under stressful conditions, it’s comforting to know that Annie will take care of all of the details, deliver on time and on budget. No stress gets high points from me.”
–Russell C. Roney, Realtor

Room with sliding glass door and seating.“Stage to Sell is the third staging company that I’ve used over the years, and the third time is the charm in this case. Annie, the owner, has won me over with several factors: attention to detail, follow-through and the overall quality of her work. Stage to Sell is now the only staging referral I give to selling clients when taking a new listing. Her company’s efforts have clearly helped our mutual clients sell faster and get better prices. Plain condos and houses are transformed into warm and inviting homes that people want to buy right away.”
–Chris Gordon Clark, Realtor

”Annie is amazing. I only had a few days before my first open house and not only did Annie make herself available Annie was able to completely change the look of my house in one day. She is extremely talented, organized, and can solve problems quickly. She has excellent taste and we had 7 offers after our first open house. I am very grateful as a mom with two toddlers I was relieved to sell the house quickly and not have to constantly be out of the house and keep it clean for a long period of time. It was a lifesaver.”
-Julie Adelman, Homeowner

“We enlisted Annie’s help through our realtor last year when we decided to sell our condo in West LA. She staged our place, and we sold it in two days. We met up again a few months ago when we were selling our ‘new’ house in La Canada, and with her help we sold it once again in two days! Most people know how stressful it can be when they put their houses on the market and watch the number of days (unsold) climb up. I’ve watched the HG channel enough to know that staging makes a huge difference in selling a home. With Annie’s eye for details, nothing is missed. On a personal level, she is one of the nicest women I’ve met. I give the higest recommendation.”
–Jany Park, Homeowner

“You are a magician, artist, and all around great gal! I will keep on repeating this everywhere I can! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stage to Sell Rocked my NEW LISTING!!!!!!!!”
–Melyssa Peters, Realtor

“Ridgewood is amazing. I have not stopped talking about you to my friends.Every detail is taken care of. I really want to thank you for your great work.”
–Jackie Frank, Investor

Throw blanket on foot stool“I wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did staging my listing on Burton Way. It looked fantastic and we received 9 offers right away and it sold way over the asking price. Thank you again and I would highly recommend you to my other clients.”
–Elyse Arbour, Realtor

“Annie Pinsker-Brown has been a pleasure to work with as a stager. Her recommendations are spot on and many times has worked with what the client already had on hand, saving them thousands of dollars of rentals. She has a non-threatening way of helping people show their property in its best light and I know that when Annie comes, the home will sell for more money in a faster time period. I hire her every time for a consultation as part of my value proposition to my clients.”
–Denise Freed, Realtor

“I cannot recommend Annie and Stage to Sell highly enough. When I decided to put my own condo on the market, I called Annie right away. We were ecstatic when we went into escrow just four days after putting our condo on the market. We received multiple offers and it sold for eight thousand dollars above the asking price (not too common these days)! If you are wondering what you can do to help sell your home or one of your listings, I speak from experience when I say Stage to Sell is not just a good slogan.”
–Mike Schwartz, Realtor

“Annie’s staging of my project was absolutely spot-on. She understood the buyer mentality so well that we had all three staged units in escrow within 2 months, after having had them on the market for over 7!”
–Dana Ehrlich, Realtor

“OHHHH MY GOOSHHHHHHHH! I absolutely cannot believe what I’m seeing. Annie, you’re right, I went next door thinking I had to be in the wrong house. It is unbelievable. All I can say is you must be a genius. Thank you. What you did is way beyond what I ever expected.”
–Steve Ellithorpe, Westchester

“I can’t say enough about Annie…not only is she a real professional, she goes beyond the call of duty… This home was vacant and the seller was out of state, so all the correspondence was conducted via email, and having a very particular seller, details were a big part of it. She did not disappoint either myself or my seller! We had four offers right away and it was in escrow within 5 days of hitting the market, I say that’s a REAL SUCCESS STORY! Thank you Annie once again for making me look good and doing what I promise my clients, have the home in the best condition you can, and they will come! Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with you!”
–Claudia Border, Realtor

“Annie carefully worked with us to figure out the target demographic that would be most interested in our property. Armed with this information, she carefully designed with the psychology of potential buyers in mind. The house was beautiful thanks to her, and I received compliments from every person who walked through the door. But the best testament to her wisdom in design was the number of offers we had within days of opening the doors to the public. She understood just what people were looking for, and made sure they saw it! Time is money, and with Annie, I’m sure I saved months.”
–Heather Aldi, Realtor

Staged outdoor dining area with black table and chairs.“You are one amazing and talented lady. Had my first opportunity to see the Condo and your staging efforts. It really looks better (if that’s possible) in person. Your product and service is phenomenal! How you and your assistant could see though that mess and visualize such an outstanding end product is beyond my comprehension. If [my realtor] can’t sell that unit, the way you have it looking, I won’t be disappointed to have to move into it myself.”
–Bob Barclay, Homeowner

“Although I was reluctant at first to consent to hiring a stager to sell our property, I am so glad that I did. Annie blew me away with her suggestions. The best part was that she worked with what we already have, so there is no need to buy anything. I thought her suggestions might be obvious, but they weren’t — they were subtle changes that make a huge impact. I am so eager to implement her brilliant suggestions. Not only am I glad I hired Annie to stage our house to sell, I want to hire her to advise me when we move to our new home.”
–Courtney Alban, Homeowner

“Annie Pinsker-Brown makes me a better real estate agent. Not only do I and my clients benefit from her staging services, I have been educated by her ‘Staging for Success’ class. After taking her class I can more easily explain to my seller clients the importance and NECESSITY of staging services by a professional. Thank you for helping me grow my business. I always recommend Annie’s services and classes to other agents and all of my clients.”
–Randy Troup, Realtor

“Wow what a difference! My sellers and I are so impressed with how wonderful the house looks. It’s a million times better and has surpassed all of our expectations. I will definitely use your services again and again. Thank you for coming on such short notice and doing a top notch job. Fantastic!”
–Vicky Mirisch, Realtor

“Wow! It looks great…The photographer was ready to buy it! Thank you for putting all my doubts to rest. I was hesitant to spend the money on staging but you’ve proved that it is a must. Thank you very much!”
–Melissa Macfadyen, Realtor

“I just want to thank you for being so awesome and responsive to my client and me. That home was a mess and you made it look livable. You are the best and I am glad to be in business with you. You are truly one of the best stagers out there!”
–Thomas Khammar, Realtor

“Annie is wonderful and does a great job! You should consider using her to stage your house regardless of whether you are looking to sell or not. I have received so many compliments on the work she did on my listing!”
–Revi Mendelsohn, Realtor

“My condo had previously been on the market for one month with little interest and no offers. When I first saw my condo after it had been staged, I was amazed. The previously cramped rooms looked light and bright with the furniture and tasteful, contemporary accessories that Annie selected. The house looked as if it had been professionally decorated. At the open house the response was great. Within a week we had multiple offers and ended up accepting one for $21,000 over asking price. I was thrilled!”
–Cherry Norris, Homeowner

Staged home shelf with towels and toiletries“Well, I think staging works. While we were putting up the for sale sign Tuesday, a couple came through. They loved it and made an offer the next day. After a few counter offers, we sold it today. So we’re claiming it sold in 20 hours…Thanks for all your help!”
–Dennis Newell, Homeowner

“I cannot thank you enough for doing the staging for my condo. I had so many compliments from both friends and potential buyers. Your ideas were very creative and really helped to enhance the appeal of each room. My condo looked like a model home. I highly recommend you for anyone considering selling their home. It was well worth the money. I firmly believe the staging helped me maximize the selling value of my condo.”
–Kim Itakura, Culver City

“Thank you again for your work. I barely have sufficient verbal skills to express how happy I am with the transformation of the house, and the enormous increase in its market value.”
–Holly Browde, Beverly Hills

“Thanks again for what I’m convinced resulted in the sale of my house!!”
–Marla McGuire, Reseda

“You did such an amazing job, Annie. What a difference you made, not only with the pieces you brought, but the recommendations you made to update/change/prepare for your Staging. Everything looks amazing! Thanks again!”
–Dian Reid, Van Nuys