For Realtors


1 in 70 adults in the state of California has a real estate license. That is a LOT of competition! How can you distinguish yourself from the other agents going after the same listing? Offer each of your sellers a free Home Staging Consultation when you get a signed listing agreement. For a flat fee we will tour the home and provide a verbal or written room-by-room Staging Report, which includes detailed and personalized recommendations of all the things your seller can do to prepare the home for sale so that it sells quickly and for top dollar.

If your seller doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, but is willing to put in a little elbow grease, s/he can get a staged property for a fraction of the cost!

If the seller is paying for the consultation, the cost is $350 for up to 2 hours.

If you are paying for the service for your client, the price is $300 for up to 3 hours.

We also offer a 1-hour “Walk ‘n Talk” consultation for $150 with no written report included.


Should your client prefer that someone else do the work, we will provide him/her with a flat-rate bid for our creative services and any necessary furniture, art, or accessory rentals.

Your client is happy because she got the initial consultation for free, and you’re happy because you know that staged homes sell faster and bring in top dollar.


For any property we stage, we provide professional quality digital photos to you free of charge for your use on the MLS and your marketing materials.

As an added bonus we will promote your listing through Twitter and Facebook.

“You are a magician, artist, and all around great gal! I will keep on repeating this everywhere I can! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stage to Sell Rocked my NEW LISTING!!!!!!!!”
–Melyssa Peters, Keller Williams Santa Monica



• Include information on staging in all of your marketing pieces.
• Create flyers and postcards with Before/After photos and sales information.


• Use staging to set yourself apart from other agents. Show the seller you care about their equity. “I will properly prepare your home for sale.”
• Let the seller know you have a professional stager on your team who can provide detailed recommendations on how to get top dollar for your home.

WavecrestMBathAfter3. SELLING THE HOME

• Every seller receives a written report with detailed instructions on how to stage his own home. For vacant properties, we provide a design plan with photos and prices.
• Let your stager be the “bad guy.” We’re trained in how to talk to your clients with kindness and humor. We always honor the client and their possessions!
• The home should be staged PRIOR to being listed on MLS or shown to any prospective buyers or agents. Give sellers enough time to do the work.
• Create a special open house “event” to get more visibility for your listing (ask Stage to Sell to co-host the open house to save on costs).


• Know your stats. How much faster did it sell than the competition? How much more per square foot did it get compared to others in the same neighborhood? Quantify your success, then get it out in a mailer, newsletter or email.