Happy New Year! I hope that your 2017 is full of joy, laughter, peace, quality time spent with those that you love, wonderful new adventures, more sleep, less stress, fewer aches and pains, and all the best things in life!

Every year I attend the Las Vegas Market to keep up to date on the latest trends in home furnishings and decor. I have just returned from the January market and have so much great information to share about what will be hot in 2017! Read on for my top 5 design trends.  

Annie Pinsker-Brown 

Top 5 Design Trends for 2017

Though we are lucky to live in a city where we see the latest design and decor trends long before most of the country, it's important to me to know which trends will dominate in furniture, art, and decor in the coming year. For this and many other reasons, I make it a point to attend the Las Vegas Market every year. In addition to keeping on top of trends, I also go to check out the newest furniture offerings from my current suppliers and to hunt down new vendors for unique pieces to add to my inventory.

Having just returned from the January Market, I have narrowed down the top 5 trends to watch for in 2017:

#1: Natural Elements
Bringing elements of nature into home decor is probably the biggest take away from this year's market. Here in LA, this is nothing new. But you will continue to see natural elements in a big way in 2017. Keep an eye out for raw and petrified woods, live edge tables, and cross sections of wood. Leather is still popular, but in more natural tones like camel. Marble, stone, and agate are also extremely popular in today's decor.

#2: Gold
All you nay-sayers take note, gold is here to stay -- at least for the forseeable future! Rather than shiny gold, the most popular tones are rose gold and brushed brass. Metallic gold tones in cabinetry pulls and sink hardware will be the up-and-coming trend in kitchen and bath design, and the same is true of furniture, decor and art. 


#3: Neutrals  
Neutral colors never go out of style, but now entire interiors are being shown in nothing but neutral tones. Black and white, beige, mushroom, taupe, and gray can make a statement without that pop of color we have become used to. The accents now come in the natural elements (see trend #1) and metallics (see trend #2) rather than color. A lot of the art and accessories have all white or neutral tones, which create a sophisticated look but allow potential buyers to focus on a home's architecture rather than the decor.

#4: Fur  
Flokati and sheepskin have been popular in rugs and pillows for some time, but now they are appearing on upholstered furniture pieces. This is a trend that will work in small doses only!

#5: Texture
Textured and woven materials like bamboo, cane, rope, paper, jute, and wool are some of the hottest emerging trends. With neutrals dominating the color scheme, texture can help to add visual interest without bringing in too much color to the palette. 

In addition to the best trends each year, there is always at least one head-scratcher. Here is one trend that probably won't make it into our staging inventory this year:

I saw quite a bit of art that incorporated glitter this year. Maybe next year I'll be willing to incorporate this trend into my staging inventory, but for now we remain glitter-free!